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Keywords: Educational applications on the Net (e-Learning); educational standards; educational contents; IMS; SCORM.


Nowadays educational applications based on Internet (a.k.a., e-learning) generate great interest. With e-learning generalization and to improve efficiency it is necessary to systematize processes and specially the creation of high quality contents by applying the learning object model. According to this model contents are created by aggregation of smaller units that can be updated, re-used and maintained throughout the time. The educational standards try to regulate how this process is realized so that system information and the contents could be reusable, interoperable and interchangeable between Learning Management Systems (LMS). Though many specifications exist this article is focussed on those of IMS, who nowadays enjoy a major acceptance, and they are the principal base for IEEE's standards and for ADL application profile SCORM. The maturity of the specifications that are supported by LMSs and content creation tools will facilitate e-learning standards widespread adoption.

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